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Rebel Wilson says she didn’t have to lie to make it

I’M not glamorous, but that doesn’t make me a liar: that’s the message from Rebel Wilson on her second day in the witness box.

Wilson came out firing today, slamming the journalist who wrote the Woman’s Day article at the centre of her Supreme Court defamation trial as a “vulture” and refuting claims she was a serial liar.

The Victorian Supreme Court heard the junior journalist first reached out to the anonymous source in 2012 before an article was finally published in 2015.

Wilson said she believed she knew the anonymous source, a girl she studied at high school with who became obsessed with her success.

After exchanging a series of emails with Woman’s Day the court heard the source tried to back away from the story saying it didn’t feel right.

“The more I think about it I feel uneasy exposing her. She has obviously lied because she doesn’t fit the Hollywood mould,” she wrote to Woman’s Day.

Wilson said today she didn’t fit the “Hollywood mould”, saying she was different to Aussie stars Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett and Naomi Watts who had gone before her.

“I definitely don’t fit the Hollywood mould,” Wilson said.

“They’re all to me really glamorous, and obviously I don’t feel like I fitted that mould,” she said.

“In a way that meant I had to work harder and specialise in comedy in order to make it in Hollywood.

“I certainly didn’t have to lie just to make it because I’m not a standard glamorous actor,” she said.

The court heard the Woman’s Day journalist worked for three years to write the expose at the centre of the case.

Titled “Just who is the REAL Rebel?” the article was the first of eight over what Wilson claims was a three-day campaign to paint her as a serial liar who invented stories to make her way in Hollywood.

Wilson said she believed the magazine was desperate to write an article bringing her down, at any cost.