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Download, Watch online Traffic Movie.

Genres: Crime
Actors: Michael O'Neill
Jacob Vargas
Michael Douglas
Benicio Del Toro
Andrew Chavez
Michael Saucedo
Tomas Milian
Director(s): Steven Soderbergh
IMDB Rating:7.7 out of 10 (103537 votes)
Country:Germany, USA

Download Information

Traffic (iPod) Resolution: 480x256 px Total Size: 524 Mb
Traffic (HD) Resolution: 852x464 px Total Size: 1206 Mb
Traffic (HD 1080) Resolution: 1920x1080 px Total Size: 12606 Mb
Traffic (HD 720) Resolution: 1280x688 px Total Size: 8139 Mb


Plot Summary:

Intertwining vignettes frame this tale of Americas escalating War on Drugs. Ohio Supreme Court judge Robert Wakefield has been appointed the nations Drug Czar, his new position made more daunting by the discovery that his teenage daughter Caroline is a cocaine addict. Meanwhile, DEA agents Montel Gordon and Ray Castro are pursuing Helena Ayala, wife of jailed kingpin Carlos Ayala, as she seeks to the control the business that her husband had kept hidden from her. South of the Border, duplicious local constable Javier Rodriguez is fighting the battle with his own jaded, questionable ethical code.

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