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Download, Watch online The Paper Chase Movie.

The Paper Chase
Genres: Drama
Actors: Graham Beckel
Edward Herrmann
James Naughton
Timothy Bottoms
David Clennon
Blair Brown
Lindsay Wagner
Director(s): James Bridges
IMDB Rating:7.2 out of 10 (3498 votes)

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The Paper Chase (iPod) Resolution: 480x208 px Total Size: 240 Mb
The Paper Chase (DivX) Resolution: 720x304 px Total Size: 889 Mb


Plot Summary:

Hart is a confused first year law student at Harvard. He is trying to survive the year under his strictest professer, the legendary Kingsfield. With the help of some of his classmates in his study group, Hart becomes one of the smartest students in his class. His reputation with Kingsfield is diminished, however, when he finds out the girl he has been seeing is Kingfields daughter. Will Hart perform to the best of his ability with Kingsfield watching his every move?

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