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Download, Watch online Uptown Girls Movie.

Uptown Girls
Genres: Comedy
Actors: Brittany Murphy
Jesse Spencer
Fisher Stevens
Austin Pendleton
Dakota Fanning
Donald Faison
Heather Locklear
Director(s): Boaz Yakin
IMDB Rating:5.7 out of 10 (13155 votes)

Download Information

Uptown Girls (iPod) Resolution: 480x272 px Total Size: 290 Mb
Uptown Girls (DivX) Resolution: 608x336 px Total Size: 709 Mb


Plot Summary:

Molly Gunn, the freewheeling daughter of a deceased rock legend, is forced to get a job when her manager steals her money. As nanny for precocious Ray, the oft ignored daughter of a music executive she learns what it means to be an adult while teaching Ray how to be a child.

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