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Download, Watch online The Two Jakes Movie.

The Two Jakes
Genres: Crime
Actors: Eli Wallach
Madeleine Stowe
Richard Farnsworth
Jack Nicholson
James Hong
David Keith
Harvey Keitel
Director(s): Jack Nicholson
IMDB Rating:6 out of 10 (5332 votes)

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The Two Jakes (iPod) Resolution: 480x272 px Total Size: 420 Mb
The Two Jakes (DivX) Resolution: 480x272 px Total Size: 699 Mb


Plot Summary:

Los Angeles 1948 private eye Jake Gittes shall convict the client Jake Bermans wife of adultery. But instead of making her a scene like planned, Berman shoots her lover in affect - or was it murder? Gittes is surprised when he learns that the dead was Bermans companion, who now inherits his share of the company. Of course the police doesnt believe it was affect and suspects Gittes too. The dead lovers widow manages to force Gittes into investigating against his own client... The trace leads back to an old case in Chinatown. !! Language English with Swedish Subtitles !!

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