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Download, Watch online Tales from the Mist: Inside 'The Fog' Movie.

Tales from the Mist: Inside 'The Fog'
Genres: Horror
Actors: Adrienne Barbeau
Janet Leigh
Jamie Lee Curtis
John Houseman
Tommy Lee Wallace
John Carpenter
Dennis Bartok
Director(s): Jeffrey Schwarz
IMDB Rating:6 out of 10 (82 votes)

Download Information

Tales from the Mist: Inside 'The Fog' (iPod) Resolution: 480x368 px Total Size: 96 Mb
Tales from the Mist: Inside 'The Fog' (DivX) Resolution: 640x480 px Total Size: 349 Mb


Plot Summary:

`Inside the Fog is a routine `making of- documentary. The structure andthe footage shown are typical, but that doesnt mean it cant beinformative. Debra Hill and John Carpenter (among other crew-members)enlighten us a little how they got the idea for the film, how they createdthose breath-taking fog effects etc. Some interesting trivia to discoverthere since Hill and Carpenter actually thought up the plot when they werevisiting Stonehenge while all of a sudden a fogbank surrounded them. Alsopretty interesting is the comparison between this film, and John Carpentersbig breakthrough `Halloween? Even though theyre both suspenseful films,theyre entirely different, and its fascinating to see how Carpenter triedto create a whole other style of film. Perhaps the most intriguing part of the documentary is how cast and crewexplains how `The Fog initially failed during a screening session. Theaudience wasnt impressed and the crew urgently had to add sequences andtension elements before the deadline. `Tales from the Mist is aninteresting little extra when you love the film. It comes as an extra on theSpecial Edition DVD.

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