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Movies with Reta Shaw

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Rating: 7.7 out of 10 (45124 votes)

Mary Poppins

Actors: Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke, Hermione Baddeley, Reginald Owen, Reta Shaw

Directors: Robert Stevenson

Country: USA

Year: 1964

Available Quality: DivX, DVD, Hi Def, iPod, Hi Def

The movie combines a diverting story, songs, color and sequences of live action blended with the movements of animated figures. Mary Poppins is a kind of Super-nanny who flies in with her umbrella in response to the request of the Banks children and proceeds to put things right with the aid of her rather extraordinary magical powers before flying off again.

Rating: 6.7 out of 10 (305 votes)

That Funny Feeling

Actors: James Westerfield, Reta Shaw, Robert Strauss, Kathleen Freeman, Larry Storch

Directors: Richard Thorpe

Country: USA

Year: 1965

Available Quality: DivX, iPod

Joan Howell, a young and pretty maid-for-hire, meets and begins dating wealthy New York City businessman Tom Milford. Embarrassed about bringing him back to her tiny apartment that she shares with her roommate Audrey, Joan brings Tom over to a fancy apartment that she cleans on a daily basis not knowing that it's his place. Tom plays along with the charade despite not knowing who Joan really is, while she tries to tidy up Tom's place not knowing who he really is.

Rating: 6.2 out of 10 (3870 votes)

Escape to Witch Mountain

Actors: Ray Milland, Donald Pleasence, Denver Pyle, George Chandler, Walter Barnes

Directors: John Hough

Country: USA

Year: 1975

Available Quality: DivX, iPod

Tia and Tony are two orphaned youngsters with extraordinary powers. Lucas Deranian poses as their uncle in order to get the kids into the clutches of Deranian's megalomanical boss, evil millionaire Aristotle Bolt, who wants to exploit them. Jason, a cynical widower, helps Tia and Tony "escape to witch mountain," while at the same time Tia and Tony help Jason escape the pain of the loss of his wife.

Rating: 7.1 out of 10 (3561 votes)


Actors: Karl Malden, Richard Egan, Adolphe Menjou, Reta Shaw, Donald Crisp

Directors: David Swift

Country: USA

Year: 1960

Available Quality: DivX, iPod

A little girl comes to a town that is embattled by feuds and intimidated by her aunt. By the time she must leave, she has transformed the community with her indominatable will to see the good side of even the worst situations and bring it out for the betterment of all.

Rating: 7.2 out of 10 (3919 votes)


Actors: Arthur O'Connell, Cliff Robertson, Betty Field, Verna Felton, William Holden

Directors: Joshua Logan

Country: USA

Year: 1955

Available Quality: DivX, iPod

The morning of a small town Labor Day picnic, a drifter (Hal Carter) blows into town to visit an old fraternity buddy (Alan Benson) who also happens to be the son of the richest man in town. Hal is an egocentric braggart - all potential and no accomplishment. He meets up with Madge Owens, the town beauty queen and girlfriend of Alan Benson.

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